When Lord Kriishna says, "I am Lord Shiva"

If anyone would like to please elaborate on the statement Lord Krishna
makes, "I am Lord Shiva."

The reason I am interested is that as my practice is developing I must
admit I feel a strong connection with Lord Shiva including worship of

I had started japa with Lord Krishna but after beginning now with
recitation of Om Namah Shivaya, I feel a growing sense of peace and
devotion and see changes in myself. I have also from the beginning felt
a love for Lord Ganesh and Devi Mother Ambaji.

I would welcome any comments.

Om Namah Shivaya

Blessings to all, Steve

Radhe Krishna!

Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva are the manifestations of the Supreme Brahman, no doubt. When Veda Vyasa has himself written all the 18 Puranas, why should he talk high about Shiva in Shiva Purana, about Vishnu in Bhagavatam, and about Devi in Devi Purana? It is only for the Bhaktas to enhance their devotion to that particular God whom they are praying to, and increase their faith in Him. It is not because one God is superior to other. When the creation of the Universe occurs, Lord Brahma who is also a manifestation of the Supreme person, he will give all importance to Brahma, and when the sustenance of the universe is concerned, the importance will be to Vishnu, and when Shakti is involved, the importance will be to Devi (as given in Soundarya Lahari, the very first sloka) that even Lord Shiva will not be able to move even one limb without the help of Shakti. It is only peoples' ignorance that makes the differentiation.


K.V. Gopalakrishna

This is my humble opinion. Do not worry much about the names of the GOD. Whatever you get the strong feeling towards(whichever name it may be), just follow that faith and devotion. Do not worry about the output. Just be steady in your hope and faith. If after sometime, let us say, as per your question, if you get feeling towards some other God, even that is ok. Then start your feelings and faith towards that. DO not worry about any other Gods/Names other than what you are praying about..its all in the mind. Once our faith becomes completely steady in whatever u believe in, then you will realize that all paths/all prayers to all gods/all beliefs/all faith merge in the one and only path that leas to that ULTIMATE which is the source of everything, which you cannot give particular name to, which you cannot express in one since particular form but that which you feel is EVERYTHING.

Keep doing and keep praying whatever you feel at that point of time and in time, you will understand that ULTIMATE/DIVINITY by yourself.

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