Holy thread - What is it's significance ?

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We have to undertake a number of rituals in our quest for God, like worship, paying obeisance in temples, doing Aarti apart from a number of Sanskars right from one's birth to marriage. We are also required to wear a holy thread. My question is what is the spiritual or religious reason behind wearing of the holy thread. My main concern is that one should not do a ritual or anything for that matter without knowing the reason behind that. Otherwise it amounts to blind faith. Blind faith and superstitions should not have place in our spiritual practice. Else we cannot progress spiritually. Hence the above query.

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In fact, wearing a holy thread is not a blind faith. It has a spiritual meaning. The sacred thread is first offered to the deity and then worn by the worshipper. Offering sacred thread means binding the expanse of the brilliance of deities in the rounds of the sacred thread and evoking It to function in duality. As the sacred thread is made of thread and is enriched with mantra-energy, the frequencies of sound emitted by it activate principle of God from the universe. This principle is attributeless. This then functions for the worshipper as per its spiritual emotion towards God through the medium of the 'with attributes' frequencies.

The sacred thread represents the silvery link between God(i.e. non duality) and the embodied soul (i.e.duality). Offering the sacred thread is an important process of interaction of duality-non duality. Wearing this sacred thread after the ritualistic worship endows the wearer with the Sattva predominant divine consciousness of the deity. Man is a mixture of Sattva, Raja and Tama attributes. But he required Sattva in more measure for doing a religious ritual and it is provided by the sacred thread.

This is spiritual reason behind the sacred thread. If we understand the spiritual science behind any religious rite, we get more spiritual benefit from the rite, otherwise the rite becomes an exercise in futility.

At Guru's Lotus Feet,

The sacred thread is supposed to remind us of many noble threes: our three obligations (ruNas), thrikataNa shuddhi (Purity of mind, words and deeds) etc. and our connection to Brahman (Brahma granti- the knot): Obligation to devas (deva ruNa)= spirit of sacrifice Obligation to parents (maataa pitR ruNa)= raise at least one child (through proper channel) and Obligation to teachers/masters (RSHi ruNa)= Learn something.

After marriage, another set of 3 is added on behalf of saha dharmiNI (wife).

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Though the reply seems to be logical, it is difficult to understand a few concepts mentioned therein. I fail to understand what is the 'frequencies' and 'God principle'. This seems to be a valuable piece of information. Which scripture contains this information? To the best of my knowledge, there is no mention of this in the Gita. Will you please throw some light on this ?


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