The New Pali Course Part II

1. A virtuous man comes to an assembly without any fear.
eko / siilavanto / aagacchati / sabha.m / vinaa / bhaya.m
Eko siilavanto bhaya.m vinaa sabha.m aagacchati.

This is one of the results he has obtained through his virtue.
ida.m / eko / vipaakaana.m / so / so / laddha.m / siilena
Ida.m vipaakaana.m eko (ta.m) so siilena laddha.m.

2. Having thought thus I distributed alms among 200 beggars.
cintayitvaa / eva.m / aha.m / vibhaji.m / daana.m / dvisate /
yaacakesu Eva.m cintayitvaa aha.m dvisate yaacakesu daana.m vibhaji.m.

3. Then I asked him again the same thing;
tadaa / aha.m / patipucchi.m / ta.m / tadeva
Tadaa aha.m ta.m tadeva patipucchi.m;

he answered in another way.
so / kathesi / a~n~natha
so a~n~natha kathesi.

4. At the end of the discourse of the Ven. Saariputta, the
bhikkhus expressed their approval of his words.
ante / desanaaya / aayasmantassa / Saariputtassa / bhikkhavo
abhinandi.msu / tassa / vacanassa Aayasmantassa Saariputtassa desanaaya ante bhikkhavo (tassa) vacanassa abhinandi.msu.

5. If you always keep in mind the virtues of the Buddha, you
will not fall into wicked thoughts.
save / tva.m / sadaa / karoti / manasi / Buddhagu.ne / tva.m /
na patissasi / du.t.thaasu / cintaasu
Sace tva.m Buddhagu.ne sadaa manasi karoti, tva.m du.t.thaasu
cintaasu na patissasi.

6. The actions of the man, good or bad, will follow him to the
other world as a wheel follows the feet of the oxen that are
yoked to a cart.
kammaa / purisassa / kusalaa / va / akusalaa / anvessanti /
ta.m / paraloka.m / va / cakka.m / anveti / paade / go.nassa /
yojite / saka.ta.m
Purisassa kammaa kusalaa va akusalaa paraloka.m anvessanti va
cakka.m saka.ta.m yojite go.nassa paade anveti.

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